Slowly developing, but developing!

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Hi! Sorry for not posting in so long in the first place! I am having a really hard time working on gamedev (or any creative work in fact) after working all day on my job and some other things…
But, even if it’s difficult, I am still doing it and with the 3 Headed Monkey Awards as a goal I managed to keep developing the tank game I revealed on my previous post.
It’s not finished yet but I advanced enough to feel confident enough to participate in the 3HMA competition, which means I had to make a video. So here is the first teaser of “Voxel Tanks: Security Breach”!

I will the first to admit that it feels rushed and both the video and the game need a lot of work, but making this and participating have given me new energy for working on the game to finish it for this spring as the competition rules ask 😀

The most important parts of the game are already working and need some minor tweaking only, so if I am able to keep up with implementing the levels I have designed I am sure I will have something interesting for the endline!

However I will try to not only do the minimum and work more time than what I have been doing until now… Let’s hope my will is strong enough!!!


Projects Advancing

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After a month from my last post, I have some things to show because I have been keeping myself busy while I started job seeking. 😀

Let’s start once more with my drawings. Since the minion t-shirt design I have been drawing just to practice and entertain myself mostly, but at some point I got the idea to make this:

A really simple Smash Bros design.

A really simple Smash Bros design.

It is obviously much simpler than other designs I have made. However, I decided to make it public just in case there is someone else out there who likes this Mario attack in Smash Bros as much as I do (like some of the other designs you can find it on Redbubble) 🙂

Finally finished the first balancing of Onevione Noob cards and I already have the cards images ready too print too.

Preview of some of the cards.

Preview of some of the cards.

There is only left to write the rules in a human comprehensible way and prepare everything like a print and play game to upload it as a first version. Although I am afraid that this first version will have to receive a lot of balancing after playing it for real with people. ^^”

In addition to what I have already shown and what I will not show today yet I wanted to present: Super Red Rope Puzzles (the name may not be final, but I like it).  A simple puzzles game that I am currently making with Raylib to remember some C and practice a bit of level design.

Preview of a level.

Preview of a level.

After so much procedural generation I wanted to try some “traditional” level design, so I decided to create this game and a level editor for it too. I hope I can show you more of it really soon!

As a final note to this post and unrelated to everything I talked about, I would like to recommend the book I am currently reading: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I have almost finished it and I am enjoying it so much I am already eager to continue with the second part of the series.

I hope you all have a great summer! 😀

Really little sneak peek.

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You may have seen this already on my twitter but first lets see how the result of my level generator looked two weeks ago:

The image of different levels I shared on April 27th (here).

It was already pretty cool, but now let’s see how it looks ingame after some changes:

M12 Demo 2015-05-12 16-24-11-45  different graphics

It started to look like a game instead of a lot of brown boxes, great!

And that is all for now. I will probably post a playable demo in two or three weeks 😀

Just an image

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This time I wanted to post just an image. This one:

This is the style my Pong has for now. Nice enough?

This is the style my Pong has for now. Nice enough?

PS: I added “Tales de Camelot”, a game from my High School Thesis, to my portfolio.

PS2: The Pong project was dropped because it seemed like I learned most of I wanted from it. This will let me focus on some other cool stuff.

First steps on new projects.

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It is almost official, I will do my Bachelor Thesis about “Procedural generation applied to a video game level design.”! 😀

Some paperwork must be finished but the professors who had to approve my idea have already said yes so whatever. XD

After some time researching about procedural generation I have already started trying some things, check out my first experiments on Unity:

It is really nothing yet and you can work out really little about it just from this image.

It is really nothing yet and you can work out really little about it just from this image.

And if you still have curiosity about it, you can read the little description I used for presenting the project idea:

The objective of this project is to create a 2D side-view platformer video game with a huge focus on creating the levels with procedural generation instead of making them by hand. The creation of the levels will take into account: their feasibility, levels must have some way to be completed; their difficulty, the challenge that the levels represent to the user; and the game rules, the resulting designs must work with the gameplay, physics, …

But I am not only working on my Thesis, I try to use some of my time on the weekends for working on a smaller project. My idea for this other project is to make a little pong variation (yeah, I know there are thousands already but it is good for practicing) for mobile.

This project it is in its first steps too though.

This project is in its first steps too though.