Super Toaster Shooter

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On the 9th of October the JS48 -Episode 1 Game Jam started at 18:00 with the the following theme: Mad Science. After thinking about a lot of random ideas and taking into account I felt like drawing a toaster, I started my game with only the idea of a toaster shooting toasts.

Many ideas were discarded as I was drawing the graphics, which I did completely by myself on the game jam time (except for the cat animation that I already had as a pixel art exercise), and once I drew some preliminary versions of the toaster, the toasts and the background, I started coding the shooter.

I went for something easy and I wanted to try how phaser worked on mobile too so I decided to make the shooting automatic. Friday finished with a small prototype of the game where the little toaster shot toasts that could hit the buildings.

Then I spent almost all Saturday out of home and I couldn’t advance a lot, but at night I did a small prototype where you could shoot enemies standing still and my favourite thing of the game: the super feedback when you hit something. Shaking the screen, a great explosion and one of the first sounds of the game made for a great feeling each time you hit a zombie.

Finally, on Sunday the game was finished quickly with the little time I had, and you can feel that on the rest of the game. An awful menu, ugly looking zombie animations, really simple score, …

But even with all these flaws, I think the game is not half bad taking into account the time used and that it is the first game I make with Phaser and javascript. Furthermore, I also did a lot more art than I am used to, and a lot faster than my usual slow drawing pace.

You can check the game (and even play because it is a browser game) at its page.
And if you see this soon enough, you might be able to rate the game for the game jam results!


I must also credit the music (“Epic Soundtrack Song”) from and the toaster sounds from


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