Apes ‘n’ Spells DEMO

Once upon a time there was a secret order of wizards. They swore to protect the world in the shadows, thus they called themselves “The Dark Shield”.
Initially, the ancient wizards shared their knowledge with each other by recording every spell they did, hence creating the book so called “Umbra clypeus”.
Passed down through generations, the book got darker and more dangerous. And worst of all, the initial purpose got lost…
None of the ancient wizards could have imagined that their descendants would be disregarding the laws of magic: molding time and space. One of this descendants, in an attempt to recover the initial intent of the ancient, aimed to seal the book, and the power it had unleashed.
He accomplished his goal, but at a high price. He got sent looking like a monkey to an alternate dimension full of murderous creatures that resemble none other than the fruits from his home universe…
With a cursed book under his hat and a hairy tail in his back, he must obey the most basic instinct of every living being… SURVIVE!

Good luck!


That was the crazy description we used on Google Play for the new game we developed. David, Ferran and I started this project just for fun and practice, and something pretty cool came out of it.

However, we don’t have much time for developing in our daily routines and we always wanted to add more things to the game, so we advanced slowly towards finishing the game. In fact, things were moving so slowly we decided to change our goal from finishing the game to making a playable demo first.

Even if the demo is short, has some bugs and is full of placeholders, it shows a lot of great stuff and we hope you can enjoy it! 😀
Just remember to watch the “how to play” video on top of this page before playing because the game is still missing a tutorial. XD

If you want to try the demo, you will find it on:

We will appreciate really much your feedback!



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