2 years…

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So, let’s start with the biggest news in my life: very soon I won’t be working anymore at my current job. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the company I work for won’t be able to offer me a permanent contract and shortly I’ll be looking for a new job. I’m actually already finishing my new cv and updating my LinkedIn!

I’m really sad knowing I won’t be working with the wonderful people I have shared the last 2 years at the office (really thank you guys if any of you is reading this 😉 ), but I’m also quite excited at all the possible challenges I can go against with all the experience I have now. 😀

I hope I can surprise you all with an amazing new job in my next post… Meanwhile let’s see what I have been up to lately!

Guess what game has reached the incredible number of 100.000 downloads… Yes, yes, you have probably guessed right… Mr Penguin!!!


Screenshot directly taken from Google Play ğŸ˜Ž

This an unbelievable accomplishment we didn’t expect when, almost 3 years ago, we decided to publish this little game. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it, specially to those of you who didn’t do it by mistake thinking this game was in fact another one 😀

However, this is just something fun from the past, let’s look at present fun stuff.

I kept playing around with the Basketball VR idea and, after many minor upgrades, I ended integrating the use of the phone’s camera into the game.


Playing on the street looked like this.

It ended being a cool experiment, but it wasn’t as fun as I expected so I decided to leave the game as just a nice learning VR exercise. This way I could play around with other projects.

And talking about other projects leads us to: ARMS 64. This was the result to the participation of David, Ferran and me (Apes ‘n’ Spells team reunited!) in the Low Rez Jam 2017.


A boxing game yeah!

We had a really good time working with the resolution limitations of the game jam and we think we ended with something pretty cool for the time we had and how busy we were. 😀

You can play the game jam version on its itch.io page. It might not be a full-tested and polished product (as it usually happens with jam games),  although the punches feel pretty satisfting when you get a hit on your opponent! We might do an update soon if we get some time to work on it.

And well, besides those projects and work, I did plenty of things since my last post. I didn’t have much holidays in Summer, but I could still arrange a week long visit to Mallorca in August and a 3-day trip to Zurich in late September. I had a blast in both places and they were, each in its way, really great experiences. Warning though: Prepare your wallet if you want to visit Zurich, everything is as beautiful as expensive. And everything was really beautiful! 😀

Lots of stuff happened and there are many things more I would like to share (my PC died and made me proud of being one of those people with backups for example xD), but this post is big enough already. So I will just recommend you to play the (not so new) Zelda game, because it is still just mindblowing amazing, and the Summoner book series, that recently had its third book published and makes a quite enjoyable read. 🙂

Hope you are all having a great time too and that I can write a new post with good news very soon! Oh, and happy Halloween and “Castanyada” by the way! 😀


Finally a job

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It’s been too long since my last post for how many things have happened in this time!

First of all, the game jams topic. The first was the JS48 -Episode 1 Game Jam that resulted in a little web game called Super Toaster Shooter.

As usual, you can learn more about it on its project page.

As usual, you can learn more about it on its project page.

Then, neither David or I had the chance to participate on the King game jam because we were not elected D: So there isn’t much I can explain about that, but I am waiting for the people who participated to publish their games to see what I missed!

And last but not least, my biggest announcement for today (which I already spoiled in the title) is that I am currently working. Finally! I found, or they found me depending on the point of view, a job in Serimag Media! I have been working there for over a week already and I am really happy about how things are going so far. I will have to learn more about machine learning, image processing techniques and other interesting topics that I saw at class for some cool projects the company does. 😀
Although this is great news for me, it might be bad for the blog as it isn’t a gamedev job I won’t be sharing much about it and I will have to make an extra effort to keep making stuff that has place here.

However, don’t worry too much as I am already working in my next game! Even if I don’t know when it will be finished, I hope it won’t be too long until you can see something in action. For now though you will have to satisfy your curiosity just with this:

Is it clear it is a tank? xD

Is it clear it is a tank? xD

Summer ended

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And with it I also finished The Wise Man’s Fear, The Colour of Magic, Bioshock Infinite and the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. All of them amazing works! 😀

I also enjoyed many fantastic experiences this summer like the Badalona’s Salting or the Manresa’s festival, which was super amazing!


End of the Manresa’s correfoc. The picture only gives you an idea of how great the correfoc was!

But well, let’s see some finished projects too! Let’s start by my new raylib game: Super Red Rope Puzzles.

Cover image of the game.

Cover image of the game.

As you might know from the previous post it is a simple puzzle game I made to practice level design and I think it is quite fun with 25 different levels and two difficulties for each level. Try it if you are looking for a challenge! 😛

And the other project I recently finished is Onevione Noob!. You can download and play with the print and play version of the game I uploaded ^^

Cover image of the game.

Cover image of the game.

You can see more about those two projects in their own pages of the portfolio or in my itch.io page. Because if you have pressed any of the two game links you will have noticed how I decided to use this webpage to upload my games too. What do you think about this?

Projects Advancing

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After a month from my last post, I have some things to show because I have been keeping myself busy while I started job seeking. 😀

Let’s start once more with my drawings. Since the minion t-shirt design I have been drawing just to practice and entertain myself mostly, but at some point I got the idea to make this:

A really simple Smash Bros design.

A really simple Smash Bros design.

It is obviously much simpler than other designs I have made. However, I decided to make it public just in case there is someone else out there who likes this Mario attack in Smash Bros as much as I do (like some of the other designs you can find it on Redbubble) 🙂

Finally finished the first balancing of Onevione Noob cards and I already have the cards images ready too print too.

Preview of some of the cards.

Preview of some of the cards.

There is only left to write the rules in a human comprehensible way and prepare everything like a print and play game to upload it as a first version. Although I am afraid that this first version will have to receive a lot of balancing after playing it for real with people. ^^”

In addition to what I have already shown and what I will not show today yet I wanted to present: Super Red Rope Puzzles (the name may not be final, but I like it).  A simple puzzles game that I am currently making with Raylib to remember some C and practice a bit of level design.

Preview of a level.

Preview of a level.

After so much procedural generation I wanted to try some “traditional” level design, so I decided to create this game and a level editor for it too. I hope I can show you more of it really soon!

As a final note to this post and unrelated to everything I talked about, I would like to recommend the book I am currently reading: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I have almost finished it and I am enjoying it so much I am already eager to continue with the second part of the series.

I hope you all have a great summer! 😀

Degree finished!

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Yesterday I presented my Bachelor’s Thesis and with this I finished my degree on Computer Science. I am not a Bachelor student anymore, I will have to update my about me page! 😀

You can check all the finished work of the Bachelor’s Thesis on its project page!

I also wanted to share my experience with the XVI Spanish Meeting on Computational Geometry were I have been helping those four last days. It was simply great! Even though I also had my Thesis presentation and there was some stress, I had an incredible time learning so much about this world and helping a bit to this fantastic meeting.

As a little summary of this experience, I would like to highlight the super interesting presentations “Envelope Magic towards Reversible Pairs of Figures” of Jin Akiyama and “Flows, Sets, and Stenos: Algorithmic Geo-visualization.” of Bettina Speckmann, and the laughs we had at the 1881 restaurant when they served us these “Patatas Bravas”.

Patata brava

We were four people and we got four potatoes… You can do the math… PD: Picture taken by David.

Some Penguin Statistics.


I am still working hard on my thesis, but today I want to talk about a nice surprise. Mr Penguin has reached 25000 downloads! That is a lot of people sliding and eating fish! 😀

And to celebrate this, I decided to show you a bit of the statistics behind all these downloads.

Let’s start with just the number of downloads over the time:

The downloads grew in a steady pace.

The downloads grew in a steady pace.

But looking at the daily downloads we can see most of the downloads were on weekends!

But looking at the daily downloads we can see most of the downloads were on weekends!

It was fun looking at the numbers grow every time I checked the statistics 🙂

It was also exciting seeing that the downloads were from all over the world:

I was not expecting so much French downloads. Merci!

I was not expecting so much French downloads. Merci!

The reviews on the other hand were some times more difficult to accept. Let’s take a look at the numbers first:

Those are the total ratings today. A lot of single stars :(

Those are the total ratings today. A lot of single stars 😦

And the different opinions by countries. There seems to be an obvious favoritism in the Spanish one xD

And the different opinions by countries. There seems to be an obvious favoritism in the Spanish one XD

And after all this, let me show you my 10 favorite reviews which,  in my opinion, clearly explain the ratings this game received (some of them are translated and some contain errors but I think their spirit is clear):

1. Crap. Crap crap crap (1 star)
2. It doesn’t need wifi or internet connection. I can use it on long road trips and it is so addictive that while you play it you can’t stop so on the trip you go on the time goes by fast (5 stars)
3. Worst game ever (1 star)
4. I haven’t played but it looks great (4 stars)
5. I haven’t dowloaded it but I don’t like it (1 star)
6. I like it. It is really great (5 stars)
7. I like it. I like it because it is really fun (1 star)
8. WOW (5 stars)
9. Not good. I can’t win the first level (2 stars)
10. Free & Good copy of Mr. Krabs. I wanted to download mr.krabs but can’t. (5 stars)

As we can see some people just don’t like it (or even hate it) and some like it very much. There are people who don’t  know how to rate or are totally random too. However, at the end I think what most defined the reviews is people looking for Mr Crab (the inspiration for our game) and people who couldn’t play the game with their old mobile (our bad for not using correctly the installation filter, sorry).

Hope you found all this interesting!

First steps on new projects.

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It is almost official, I will do my Bachelor Thesis about “Procedural generation applied to a video game level design.”! 😀

Some paperwork must be finished but the professors who had to approve my idea have already said yes so whatever. XD

After some time researching about procedural generation I have already started trying some things, check out my first experiments on Unity:

It is really nothing yet and you can work out really little about it just from this image.

It is really nothing yet and you can work out really little about it just from this image.

And if you still have curiosity about it, you can read the little description I used for presenting the project idea:

The objective of this project is to create a 2D side-view platformer video game with a huge focus on creating the levels with procedural generation instead of making them by hand. The creation of the levels will take into account: their feasibility, levels must have some way to be completed; their difficulty, the challenge that the levels represent to the user; and the game rules, the resulting designs must work with the gameplay, physics, …

But I am not only working on my Thesis, I try to use some of my time on the weekends for working on a smaller project. My idea for this other project is to make a little pong variation (yeah, I know there are thousands already but it is good for practicing) for mobile.

This project it is in its first steps too though.

This project is in its first steps too though.