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Apes ‘n’ Spells is here! This is the monkey related game I was already working on December.

After almost 5 months of (not at all) hard work, David, Ferran and I published a playable prototype of this killing fruits adventure. You should remember David from Mr Penguin and many other projects we have shared and Ferran is another cool work mate who just learned Unity with us for this crazy fun development.

As I said on my last post, we did this for fun and we shared a lot of laughs, but we ended wanting to add lot of stuff and development was getting no end. We decided we wanted to at least make a playable demo to show to everyone and then we would decide how we would continue.


Take a look at some of the images from the development process.

So… we recently published the demo on Google Play and even if it was still really rough (it doesn’t even have a trailer, you have to watch the how to play game on the store to understand anything), our friends liked some things of the game. Although we have a good base to continue building the game and we got some feedback, we decide to take a pause so everyone could go back to their own projects and ideas for a while before deciding if we want to continue.


For instance, aside from gamedev (that VR basketball game is still waiting for me) I would like to think a bit about making some small machine learning project at home. I would like to use knowledge from my job on some different field. A nice example would be style transfer CNNs, which I recently was able to run on my GPU at home.



Chicago skyline + Starry night typical style transfer example


It works more or less with anything, even a picture of my face!

Furthermore,  I would like to spend some time on other projects or hobbies like drawing. I’m thinking about improving my technique so I can draw cooler things, because right now drawing cartoon monkeys is probably my limit XD
It would be nice to make some new t-shirt design with better drawings. I will have to practice a bit and not just doodle things without any reason.


Even if they are cool, I have probably spent too much time on Snapchat drawings and not enough practicing with a pencil….

I hope the pause will also help with my incoming German final exams, and with my summer holidays planning.

I feel like long posts are becoming my default post length, but I feel more comfortable writing like this (maybe since I started working?). Hope you don’t mind.

Have a good spring end and even a better summer start! 😀


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