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Finally! After more than 6 months I can finally say again I have published a game!!! I had some ups and downs, but I made it.

As I said on my last post, developing while working has been a difficult challenge and that has made publishing the project a much more rewarding experience. Although it made me always go slower than expected: specially after I didn’t get into the 3HMA finalists (as I expected with that teaser really).

But that is all in the past and now I have a better published game than what I previously showed and I will present it to the Indie Developer Burger Awards, which are some really fun awards I have known for a couple of years. I will probably be discarded on the first round again, but I always wanted to participate since I went to the awards ceremony for the first time. In any case it will be a nice experience for sure. 😀

(PS: I got nominated to the worst game award, I had a blast on the awards ceremony and then I didn’t win the worst game award!)

And after this “big effort”, I think I will rest from gamedev for at least a month or so. I want to draw again, read some stuff, practice as a Dungeon Master, edit some videos, think on new ideas for games and in general give more attention to some other hobbies for a while. I should also do more exercises to work on healing my injured knee. 😛
I’ll try to keep you posted about anything interesting anyway! 🙂

PS: Like this:


Me (on the bubble) with some friends.

Bubble Football, a totally recommended experience. You will sweat a lot, but you will laugh even more! A fantastic afternoon for sure!


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