Slowly developing, but developing!

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Hi! Sorry for not posting in so long in the first place! I am having a really hard time working on gamedev (or any creative work in fact) after working all day on my job and some other things…
But, even if it’s difficult, I am still doing it and with the 3 Headed Monkey Awards as a goal I managed to keep developing the tank game I revealed on my previous post.
It’s not finished yet but I advanced enough to feel confident enough to participate in the 3HMA competition, which means I had to make a video. So here is the first teaser of “Voxel Tanks: Security Breach”!

I will the first to admit that it feels rushed and both the video and the game need a lot of work, but making this and participating have given me new energy for working on the game to finish it for this spring as the competition rules ask 😀

The most important parts of the game are already working and need some minor tweaking only, so if I am able to keep up with implementing the levels I have designed I am sure I will have something interesting for the endline!

However I will try to not only do the minimum and work more time than what I have been doing until now… Let’s hope my will is strong enough!!!


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